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Christmas Production Club

We’re having a wonderful time at the Christmas Production club. The show is coming on very nicely. Most of our props are already ready and our singing is coming on very well! Our scenes are amazing and I hope everyone enjoys the play.  – Madison Y6

In Christmas Production club we have lots of fun and make new friends. It has been an amazing experience so far and I can’t wait to show it to the whole school. I am so excited! – Amira Y6

Christmas Production. - update

A tremendous achievement! The children all delivered their lines perfectly with plenty of expression and confidence.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it!  Well done everyone.


Homework club

The children think their handwriting has improved since attending the club and they have enjoyed being given the opportunity to use a pen. They all agreed, that the best thing about the club was being able to make it a weekly competition with 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes. 


Board Games Club

This term the attending children developed their strategic thinking playing games like “Othello” or “Connect Four” or simply had fun playing “Uno” or other favourites. The club has grown in size and welcomes players from Y3 to Y6.


Art and Craft Club

We have been keeping our craft club close to the seasons this year so far, focusing on Autumn and Winter and also events that have happened such as Halloween, Bonfire night and Christmas.

We are looking forward to the Spring and Summer terms, where we will be looking at BIG outdoor art with the warmer weather and using outside elements to help us with our art and craft.


Choir club

Our school choir sang beautifully at Tesco in Meir Park. They cheered up the customers and staff with a few Christmas Carols – they raised £107.


Football club

Over the past term, children from years 5 and 6 have taken part in a football club every Monday after school. We have enjoyed keeping score throughout the term and seeing which year group comes out on top! During the club, I think our teamwork has also massively improved! 


Revision club

Year 6 revision club has been well attended this term and we have worked hard on looking at techniques for scoring extra marks in our SATs as well as understanding how to answer questions with focussed answers. We look forward to continuing with our fantastic revision next term and hope even more year 6’s choose to join us too.


Football Team Club 

We have had a fantastic term in our football team club, improving our football skills, but most importantly developing how to play as a team! We had a good start to the tournament with 2 wins and 2 matches drawn. Keep up the good work boys and be ready for next term! 


Christmas Fayre

This year’s Christmas Fayre was a great success! An afternoon of fun and games! It was fabulous to see so many parents at the event with their children playing games and guessing which teacher was who.  Thank you to all that came – we raised £650!








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